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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality

ZVIJEZDA plus Ltd.

ZVIJEZDA plus Ltd.
Marijana Čavića 1
10000 Zagreb

Founded in 1916 in Zagreb, the first Croatian oil factory develops complete production from oil seeds to final products, raises new facilities and expands and reconstructs the old ones; in short, it modernizes its production.
Since 1993, the company has been a member of Agrokor system and its name is Zvijezda Inc. It is the largest producer of cooking oils and the only manufacturer of margarine, vegetable fat and mayonnaise in Croatia.
Zvijezda’s production assortment consists of two brands:
Zvijezda (cooking oils, margarine, mayonnaise, salads, sauces, vegetable fat, vinegar and ketchup, plus margarine, vegetable fats and additives intended for bakery and confectionery industry) and
Margo (spreadable margarine).
Zvijezda provides full service distribution from its regional distribution centers.
Besides monitoring and adjusting to the requirements of its customers, Zvijezda pays great attention to the development of its own products, market research and marketing activities. In order to meet the expectations and monitoring customers’ satisfaction in the domestic and foreign markets, Zvijezda provides a great value for the market in the form of top-quality, modern and environmentally-standardized products necessary for the energy and vitality of all people.

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