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Bashota Jewellery

Bashota Jewellery
Ilica 37
10000 Zagrab

Bashota Jewellery was established in 1924. Many years of continuous work and experience along family traditions has enabled us to offer modern jewellery and jewellery from original designs in traditional first-class workmanship.

Bashota Jewellery is a family business in gold-crafting and jewellery, together with our diligent co-operators. The quality of our craftmanship is guaranteed by four generations of experience. Along with hard work, knowledge, skill, originality and our wide range of unique models, we are able to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding customer.

In addition to the traditional, hand-crafted, unique Art Deco jewellery, we also feature jewellery of modern design and jewellery inspired by Croatian cultural heritage. The inexhaustible source of Croatian heritage and folklore creativity is also depicted in the recent domestic jewellery production.

Bashota Jewellery in Zagreb has created a genuine handcrafted high quality collection of various earrings, pendants, brooches, rings and bracelets. The collection was inspired by traditional motifs from the cultural and historical folklore heritage of Croatia. Top jewellers and master craftsmen from Bashota Jewellery workshop, use their outstanding knowledge, skills and experience in handcrafting the gold and silver pieces. The precious metal jewellery is then hand painted with enamel in different colours. The shapes, motifs and ornaments as well as the choice of jewellery-making techniques applied make this jewellery unique. This segment of jewellery production at Bashota Jewellery has become a distinct and protected signature as the most recent addition to Croatian traditional, naive art. In 2017, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce  granted us the right to use the title “Croatian Creation”.

Bashota Jewellery is winner of many recognitions of the Craftsmen Association of the City of Zagreb as well as the Certificate of the Acquisition of Trades Traditions and Art Craftsmanship issued by the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts. In 2014 and 2017 Bashota Jewellery was awarded the first jury and audience prize at the Triennial Zagorje dedicated to souvenirs associated with the protected Intangible Heritage of Croatian Zagorje. The products presented are offered in our two jewellery stores in Zagreb: Ilica 37 and Ilica 69, and in our third store in Crikvenica, Trg S. Radića 14.

We are proud of the fact that our jewellery can be found in Zagreb, in other parts of Croatia and even around the world as a constant reminder of our country and cultural heritage.



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