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Živa voda Ltd.

Živa voda Ltd.
Vrtni put 3
10000 Zagreb

Živa voda Ltd. is a company specialized in the production and bottling of water. They opted for 18, 9 – liter tanks (gallons) with suitable machines for water of modern design.
Seven years of experience and continuous investment in human resources and development, as well as committed, responsible and professional business approach have brought the company to the one of the leading manufacturers of water.
Satisfied and loyal customers are motivators of all company’s activities with the purpose of improving in all aspects of business and labor. The implemented HACCP system ensures permanent control system of water safety and guarantees high-quality products. During the preparation and afterwards, every bottle of water is under constant technological surveillance.
Their focus on the customers and quality has created a respectable distribution system – to provide water availability at all times.
A team of thirty professional and expert employees is ready to meet all the requirements and needs of their customers, professionally, efficiently and in a very short period.

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