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Vitis, vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo

Vitis, vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo
Bektež 24
34343 Bektež
098/468 950

Josipović Winery
When you do not do what is expected in the heart of Slavonia, what has traditionally been done for centuries, then at least experience a discouragement and lack of understanding. Those older slavons, advocates of traditional wine production, would even nervously rub the shawl hat over their foreheads and wave aside hands, because whoever would ever have made “somekind of champagne” in Kutjevo.
But if you are enough, convinced and persistent, and all this behind you is the knowledge acquired at the faculty and diplomas on the subject of sparkling wines, the probability that you go to your non-traditional way is very certain. There begins the story of the Josipovic winery, and as if every true story has to go from contestation to acknowledgment. Two life and business partners shared the same values and uncompromisingly followed their business vision.
Over time, thinking outside the box yielded results and made it possible to determine key guidelines; to teach people to believe what is in the bottle, accomplish and offer a recognizable product and to remain faithful to themselves.