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Sugar Factory Osijek Ltd.

Sugar Factory Osijek Ltd.
Frankopanska 99
31000 Osijek

Sugar Factory Osijek Ltd. was established in 1905 as the first Croatian-Slavonian joint stock company for the sugar industry.
Since the beginning and up to the present time everyone related to Sugar Factory Osijek – its owners, managers, experts and workers have live in symbiosis with the environment, local city community, the inhabitants and the surrounding area which provides the raw material base for the sugar factory. The factory has permanently influenced the environment as much as the environment has permanently influenced the factory.
The establishment of Sugar Factory Osijek in the center of the area that can provide sufficient quantities of quality raw materials for the sugar production has been effective and a smart choice for more than one hundred years.
The location itself – the factory was built on the city outskirts in the early 20th century, with a separate water supply system, industrial railway and other transport and infrastructure network – has enabled the development of a large and respectable industrial spatial complex. It covers historical and contemporary facilities, facilities for the preparation of raw materials, production buildings, semi-products and by-products warehouses, ancillary facilities for machinery, the administration building and the historic workers’ residential architecture.
Nowadays, it is one of the few industrial complexes in Croatia which reflects the overall and continuous architectural and technological development of a large industrial entity in more than one hundred years of its existence and operation.
The sugar factory encompasses several compatible segments in its work: ensuring sufficient production of sugar beet; preparing raw beet material for further processing; technological processes of production and sugar processing; its packaging and storage; sales and transportation; human resource management; financial management; buildings maintenance, infrastructure and facilities; analysis, planning and reporting; management of all processes.
Partnership is the fundamental value that the sugar factory nurtures in relation to the sugar beet producers. Since its establishment in 1905, up until today, the sugar factory owners and managers have understood the meaning and importance of a good relationship and trust between producers and processors of sugar beet. Therefore, Sugar Factory Osijek Ltd. has established Raw Material Department, which shapes, nourishes and permanently corrects the relationships between the sugar factory and its sugar beet producers.
Today, Sugar Factory Osijek Ltd. has a strategy of contracting the majority of sugar beet production with individual and joint manufacturers in the local region. There are about 200,000 hectares of arable high-quality land which offers a good beet crop with high sugar digestion.
Sugar Factory Osijek Ltd. produces white crystal sugar primarily through sugar beet processing and raw sugar refining; it also makes by-products: molasses, carbocalk – soil improver, sugar beet noodles.

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