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Tehnokom Ltd.

Tehnokom Ltd.
Radnička cesta 228
10000 Zagreb
01/4686 222

TEHNOKOM Ltd. is a company for new technologies, engineering and trade, established in 1990 in Zagreb.

Our business is oriented toward energy, process techniques (consulting in the area of gas and oil production, distribution and application) and the area of water supply and sewerage.

We create comprehensive technological solutions applying smart technologies and energy efficient measures using renewable energy sources.

We carry out projects in optimising energy and process plants, feasibility studies, turnkey system projects; we deliver, install and service the delivered equipment.

The team of Tehnokom’s professionals manages and maintains the energy systems of our clients (PLIVA, BRODPLIN, HGK), takes care of energy and water savings thus contributing to the development of the local community and preservation of natural resources.

In our work, we apply high quality standards, ethical principles and a professional attitude based on the expertise and motivation of our employees. We continuously work on improving our competencies through employee training, encouraging excellence in work, collegiality and openness in communication and ensuring the necessary resources. Professional and motivated employees, working in an environment where good human relationships are nurtured, are a key factor for a successful company and its development. Employee satisfaction is the main precondition for the achievement of buyer satisfaction and incentive business results.

The creation and nurturing of partner relations with our customers, suppliers and producers are vital guidelines for the achievement of a stable business and company development.

The company quality management system is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, while the environmental management system is certified according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard.  

Investing into own know-how through continuous investment in human resources education, Tehnokom has established its position on the market as one of the reliable and competent Croatian business partners.



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