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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality


S.Fabeka 12
10290 Zaprešić

Tobacco Company Ltd. is a limited liability company for trade and services situated in Zaprešić. It started with business in 1990 by opening a stall on the market in Zaprešić. Ten years later, due to its engagement in the domestic market, it became a distribution company for selling umbrellas. In 2001 it became a wholesale company and in 2002 it started with the import and distribution of umbrellas. It deals with the production and sales of umbrellas but it also sells sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, tunics, magnets and lavender.
The year 2010 stands out as a year of special significance because Tabacco Ltd. starts producing the Croatian umbrella. The first Croatian umbrella was exported outside the EU in 2013. Dm, Spar, Berries, Billa, Bipa, Konzum, Kozmo and Croatian Post are some of the largest buyers in the Republic of Croatia. The sale of the Croatian umbrella is mainly focused on local or domestic market, but it extends to the international market, which is the potential market of the entire European Union. Outside the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian umbrella is sold under the name HOOT, and today it has been exported to several countries; Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.
Recently, the company has started cooperation with some of the most famous Croatian designers; therefore, besides the original classic models of umbrella, one can find designer umbrellas as well.
The company meets the needs of its customers successfully because it offers products which everyone needs and which are in direct relation to the weather conditions – umbrellas for rainy and sunglasses for sunny days. It completely adapted to the customers’ needs functionally but also aesthetically. Also, it meets the needs of the people who buy eyeglasses for reading.

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