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Žiger – a private foreign language school

Žiger – a private foreign language school
Stanka Vraza 37
42000 Varaždin

Škola stranih jezika – Žiger is a private foreign language school established on 1 March 1990, as a provider of foreign language services to learners of all ages. Since January 1998 the school has been registered as educational institution. The activities are performed in the school’s own premises but also in companies, schools and kindergartens.
The composition and structure of the teaching staff ensure high quality and modernity of teaching, while high expertise , efficiency in language skills transfer, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate learners, linguistic, methodological and paedagogical competences are upheld by constant teacher development in Croatia and abroad, as well as by an internal teacher development programme.
Throughout the years of its operation, the school has obtained numerous positive statements about its activities and verifications of its programmes of work, such as the Permit to carry out verified programmes for adult education, issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Croatia, accreditation and membership in the international association Eaquals, accreditation to issue international Eaquals Certificates of Achievement, and in 2008 the school became an authorised LCCI examination centre, while in 2015 the school was awarded accreditation Hrvatska kvaliteta (Croatian Quality).

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