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Golubovec 26
49255 Golubovec

SCHIEDEL chimney production Ltd. headquarters are situated in Golubovac, where the management and the production is located, with distributive offices in Split, Osijek, Rijeka and Zagreb. The company produces chimney systems, chimney-reparatory systems and ventilation framework for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. The product meets the latest advances in heating technology and materials. The company is a part of Lafarge Group, one of the largest European and global cement, concrete, rooftile and chimney manufacturers. The production averages around 1,480.000 m2 for new construction and around 850.000 m2 for for maintainance and reparatory work.
Chimney systems divide into SIH, UNI plus, QUADRO, MULTI, AVANT, ABSOLUT, TMPD, VEM-do, KERASTAR, ADW
Chimney reparatory systems : Keranova, EuroClick i TecnoFix
Ventilation: standard and with filters
Fireplace: indoor and outdoor
The manufactoring of chimneys by the Schiedel licence began in 1973 as one of the then “Golubovečki ugljenokopi” production branch, who became an independent Ltd. in 1992. By merging with the Schiedel Ltd. from Wartenberg in Austria in 1993, owner structure and name has been changed to SCHIEDEL chimney production Ltd. The company products meet all safety and environment preservation standards and are energy efficient, according to HRN EN chimney regulations, on account of which they are certified by regulatory agencies and CE approved. The products come with a guarantee for quality on 30 years. They are certified environmentally safe and suitable with the “Friends of environment” certificate and the ISO 9001 and 14001 environment preservation certificates of quality. The company employs 35 workers.

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