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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality


Skrbčići 53, Skrbčići
51500 o. Krk

RO-TRADE Ltd is a private company founded in 1993 with headquarters in Skrbčići on the island of Krk. The company does fishing, repurchase and trade of fresh Adriatic fish, crabs, seashells and other sea organisms on the domestic and foreign markets. The favourable location of the fish processing manufactory allows the company to interact with local fishermen and supply freshly harvested quality fish.
The location in the near vicinity of the Sv. Fuska fishing port, the ferry port Valbiska, the port of town Krk and the border passes Rupa and Pasjak, offers a fast and reliable transport to the foreing buyers’ location by private distributing vehicles. The company posesses a processing facility for fish, crabs and shells, registered in the approved facilities registrar under the number 903. The fish, crab and shell processing procuction is conducted under the HACCP programme supervised by the regulatory body. The company has obtained the EU exporting licence to the European Union’s and international markets.

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