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Ritterman Ltd.

Ritterman Ltd.
Kralja Zvonimira 78
21210 Solin

Trout breeding site and nursery in Solin was first time mentioned in 1925.
Sport fishing association “Jadro” built the breeding site in 1959, which became part of the company “Jadran-ribolov” in 1970. Reconstruction of the breeding site was carried out in the same year, so that soil pools were replaced with the new ones, made of concrete.
November 1995 was the time when it started to work as an independent company named “Ritterman d. o. o.”
This fish farm functions in full system, which means it possesses its own broodstock, juvenile fish species and final fish products. We are particularly proud of our tradition of breeding broodstock, since we succeeded in maintaining it, despite the presence of a variety of different import lobbies. Nowadays, we represent a unique breeding site in the Republic of Croatia, of such a complete and quality production.
There are rather few European trout breeding sites with the tradition of almost 60 years and we are proud to be one of them. It is our great pleasure to become a bearer of the praiseworthy mark “Croatian Quality”.
Technology and capacity have remained more or less the same throughout the years: the number of juvenile fish species remained 1,500,000 pieces and final trout made for market is about 140-150 tonnes per year.

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