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Poljo Posavec d.o.o.

Poljo Posavec d.o.o.
Dunjkovec, Matije Gupca 5a
40305 Nedelišće

After more than 20 years of successful work in the field of horticulture, formulating soil for flower beds, fertilisers, various substrates and similar products, we have decided to move forward in a direction that was only logical: food production. The acknowledgement and mere fact that we live in an area where hard-working and diligent people have since ancient times produced high quality plants and first-rate ingredients has encouraged us to consider the incredible potential that already exists. The result is the most advanced oil processing plant in this area and producing superior ingredients is precisely our objective, as well as a great pleasure. The food produced in our facility is the food our families and friends use at home, which is why we can recommend it to you with no hesitation.

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