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Poison City L.t.d.

Poison City L.t.d.
Otrovanec 94
33405 Pitomača

The company „Poison City d.o.o.“ is located at Otrovanec 94, 33405 Pitomača, Croatia (the company got its name by the name of location) in the heart of our Podravina, straight on the main road halfway between Zagreb and Osijek, located about 120 kilometers of the two major centers. To the north is bordered by beautiful backwaters of the river Drava in the south with even more beautiful highlands of Bilogora, which abounds with good orchards vineyards and orchards.
The main activity of our company is production, repurchase and processing of medicinal herbs. Our main product is chamomile (Chamomilla matricaria) which is partly produced on our own agricultural land. In addition to our own production we bind ourselves to the cooperative relationship and a few dozen major manufacturers of chamomile from our area. We are present on the Croatian market since 1993, we started doing business with European markets in 2003 Until now we have had excellent cooperation with many companies in Croatia and Europe. We are present in markets of Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia etc. We are able to process and offer to the market about 100.000 kg of chamomile (flower or several parts of sifted depend on customers wishes) throughout the year. There are also other herbs in our stock list, for a full list please visit our website at
Being export oriented makes us follow the latest trends of the world and constantly try to improve our facilities. In 2005 we introduced a new line for processing of chamomile, and in 2007 our new steam distillery for production essential oils was introduced (we are specialized in lavender and chamomile blue oil). It is produced by applying the latest technology: using a steam generator with a gas burner which makes heating invariable. This kind of production enables us to extract oils of highest quality, which makes us unique on the Croatian market. As a result of these investments we are today able to satisfy the needs of most demanding customers in terms quantity, while not bringing into question the quality of our products.

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