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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality

Osijek brewery Ltd.

Osijek brewery Ltd.
Vukovarska 312
31000 Osijek

Tax books from 1697 refer about the production of beer in Osijek (Tvrđavica and Varos). Location in the centre of the city limits further development, however, the brewery moved to a new location in Zeleno polje in 1979.
Osijek Brewery Ltd. is the largest brewery in the Croatian property.
In 2009 Osijek beer gets new clothes following its tradition, but also accepting current trends and challenges. Osijek beer production is realized through their own sources of water along with a modern and contemporary plant of preparation that ensures a constant and consistent quality; selected and defined raw materials; “normal” process of making that is realized without additional mixing beer with water, which guarantees and preserves indigenous size and value of beer as a product for consumption.
Quality control is organized and equipped in accordance with current standards and norms. Modern equipment and technology makes optimal use of materials and energy sources, and thereby minimize environmental impact.

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