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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality


Osječka 77
34000 Požega

Orljava is a company which produces high-quality men’s shirts. Production facilities of Orljava are located in Pozega and Velika and are equipped with the most modern production line for textile production.
Orljava has already in the sixties begun production for export and reached in the nineties strategically planned share of 90% of production for export (as part of the “pure” export, and as part of the “lohn” business). Since 1991, there is an increasing demand for Orljava’s shirts and on the domestic market, until today is constantly increasing production capacity by cooperation with scientific institutions of the profession, team formation of highly educated professionals, using the experience of export and “lohn” business and high-quality materials and accessories for making, Orljava now has products that can compete with the price and quality to any product of the Western market.

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