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81% of buyers are ready to pay more for one of the products with the mark of Croatian quality.


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44000 Sisak
044/ 571-984

After years of working in the meat industry “Gavrilovic”, 1989 Slavko Cvanciger established craft Promes-Cvanciger. In the craft in 1990 started working also the son Adolf, and then the rest of the family and the craft assumes features of the family firm.
In 1995 they bought a city slaughterhouse in Sisak, which in 1998 was reconstructed and obtained all necessary permits for the work. By increasing the production capacity business was developed and expanded and also a retail network in the area of Sisak – Moslavina County.
Promes-Cvanciger with fresh meat and meat products supplies schools, kindergartens, restaurants, hotels and kitchens of various companies, which in addition to their county covers the central and southern part of Croatia with tendency of spreading to other areas.
The production is based solely on the raw material of domestic production from Croatia, always of the fully recognized quality. The whole production is in accordance with the HACCP system and it is under constant veterinary-sanitary control and it is constantly working on improving and modernizing.
In addition to the slaughterhouse craft has 200 square meters of space for refrigeration and storage of fresh meat and meat products, and in the meat processing plants they produce semi-durable goods and durable meat products. To perform these activities craft has its own vehicle fleet. Craft currently employs 36 skilled employees.
The goal of Promesa-Cvanciger is to improve and increase production and to be recognized with its quality in the market to the satisfaction of its loyal customers.

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