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81% of buyers are ready to pay more for one of the products with the mark of Croatian quality.

Neva Ltd.

Neva Ltd.
Obrtnička 37, Rakitje
10437 Bestovje

Neva Ltd. is the oldest and the leading Croatian manufacturer of cosmetic and hygiene products, a member of Atlantic Group, one of the largest and the most propulsive company in Croatia and wider region. Neva in its portfolio since 1948 produces top leading brands in the Croatian market, such as Plidenta toothpaste, lip balms Rosal Lip Balm, Cosmetics Rosal and Melem.
All Neva’s products developed exclusively in our own laboratories in Zagreb are the result of knowledge, experience and innovativeness of Croatian experts, monitoring the development of science, technology and applications of the experts who deal with the preservation of health, as well as top quality control and technology of cosmetics’ production. Neva was the first in Croatia that introduced an integrated system of quality and environmental management ISO 9001/2000/ISO 14001.
Neva’s brands have won many national and international awards for quality and innovation, such as Superbrands (Plidenta and Melem), Cropak (Plidenta), BBC Design Award (Rosal), Inpex (Melem and Rosal). Melem is one of the first holder of the right to use the sign Originally Croatian.

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