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Ivana Gundulića 12
43000 Bjelovar

The company Miloc Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is a wholly privately owned. Currently, employs six people. In 1999 the company was granted the representation of the world renowned manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance of air-conditioning equipment. A year after it was launched a campaign of systematic care about hygiene of air-conditioning equipment. The campaign was aimed at educating service technicians and companies that install and service air conditioning equipment and the training of users of these devices, or persons residing in the closed air-conditioned spaces.
The company Miloc in numerous presentations and seminars informs and trains service technicians with a new easy way of cleaning air conditioners – “Cleaning the machine on the wall.” In various magazines and on Internet portals for users of air conditioners or persons staying in air-conditioned spaces, publishes educational articles about the potential risks to human health that can be caused by contaminated air from dirty air conditioners and the need for its cleaning and routine maintenance.
In response to the problems associated with cleaning of air conditioners, the company at the beginning of 2005 began to work on developing comprehensive, standards of cleaning, disinfection and regular maintenance of air-conditioners, which aims to improve air quality in the air-conditioned space. In 2007, the standard of cleaning, disinfection and routine maintenance of air conditioners Degenia Velebitica was completed and presented to the public.
Today the company Miloc, excluding sales of cleaning, disinfection and long-term protection of air conditioning units, is working intensively to promote the Standard Degenia Velebitica and worries about the hygiene of air conditioning and air quality in enclosed air spaces.

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