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Mijukic Prom

Mijukic Prom
Runovići bb
21261 Runović

Store of prosciutto Mijukic Prom from Runovici in cooperation with Tommy Ltd. from Split began in 2004. intensive production in the processing of pork in durable dry meat products as a result of many years of work, leading the business practices of traditional methods of salting, smoking and drying, which has always been used in the area of Dalmatia, as well as the new technologies in order to ensure a healthy correct product.
This family business with ten employees is specialized in the production of Dalmatian prosciutto and Dalmatian bacon, which can be found only in Tommy Ltd. packaged in brand of Tommy delicacies.
The specific geographical location near Imotski field where the fresh sea air from Zabiokovlje and cold continental bora are mixing, ensuring optimum conditions in the drying phase and besides the original recipe, the main factor is a recognizable smell and taste of these delicacies.
Thanks to these natural resources that allow the processing in accordance with the principles of organic production, the company Tommy Ltd. recognized the potential of the dryer Mijukic – Prom directly invested in the development of the meat processing activities as an example to encourage production of original Croatian products.

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