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Madig – Mrežnica Ltd.

Madig – Mrežnica Ltd.
Salopek selo 2
47300 Ogulin

Tvrtka Madig Ltd. was founded in 1991 and employs 250 employees. Along with trade and meat industry, its focus are growing, souring and production of Ogulin’s pickled cabbage which owing to fifty-year tradition has been recognized as a quality product produced in favourable climatic conditions. Bringing together of numerous producers with the aim of product quality improvement and organized buy-off and processing, entailed an all-encompassing organization. An interconnected network of producers was established whose production is monitored and directed by expert agronomists during all phases of growing. The production plant Mrežnica is situated in the area with the largest number of producers. It consists from the part for buy-off, for treatment and souring and the part for packaging and cold storage plants. Other agricultural products are also bought off.

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