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LogIN Ltd.

LogIN Ltd.
Mihačeva draga bb
51000 Rijeka

The company LogIN Ltd. was founded in April 1996. It employs around twenty employees and almost exclusively engages in design, creation, implementation and maintenance of business systems.
In accordance with the developmental policy of the company, whole profit is invested into further development of the company. Due to such policy, significant investments into equipment, development, personnel training and new employment have been realized. At its founding in 1996, the company had four permanent employees. The assets invested into development, and its defined concept have resulted in success in the market, not only in increase in the number of users but also in the change of their structure and size. The planned change of the market structure brings with it also new demands related to:
• increased efficacy of work
• improvement of products and services quality
In order to realize the set aims within the company, the plans for development have been made, which include:
• implementation of efficient work organization
• application of newest technologies in construction of IS
Application of efficient work organization which already gives results, has been confirmed by the company by implementing the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 norm.
The company invests significant funds into continuous education of its employees in order to keep their knowledge competitive in the market. By acquiring the status of Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Sales Professional and Oracle Technical Champion within the program Oracle Partner Network Membership Upgrade the company has become Oracle Gold Partner.
During years of work with a large number of satisfied clients, the company has acquired ample knowledge on the functioning of business systems, especially specialized knowledge in the fields of functioning of retail commercial and hotel chains and production business systems.
Acquired knowledge is continuously implemented into the basic product of the company ERP- System LogINFO. In accordance with the concept of development of the company for implementation of even newer and better technological solutions, ERP System “LogINFO” was developed on the Oracle platform.

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