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Ravnice 48
10000 Zagreb

Kraš is the first and largest confectionery manufacturer in the southeastern Europe. Founded in 1911 in Zagreb, Kraš has created its tradition in producing top quality and delicious chocolates, bonbons and wafers. Almost 90 years of dynamic development have been rounded by a modern high performance series production of three basic groups of confectionery products: cocoa products (chocolates, chocolate desserts), flour confectionery products (biscuits and wafers) and bonbons (bonbons and chewing gums).
By year-long investment in development and modernisation of production as well as a continuous observing of consumers’ wishes and following the global trends in sweets, Kraš has become a world renowned manufacturer of sweets and a winner of numerous international awards and certificates for quality. Kraš is the first confectionery manufacturer who was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, by which it became one of the world renowned companies which do business according to ISO standards.

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