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Kralja Dmitra Zvonimira 65
23420 Benkovac

The company Kamen Benkovac was founded at the beginning of 2005 as affiliated company of Grič-3 Ltd. The business activities of the companies include exploitation, treatment and sale of Benkovac limestone intended for construction works.
The company Grič-3 has in the past ten years dedicated itself to entering into foreign markets and become renowned and acknowledged for its quality and wide range of products. With the aim of separating production from sale, the basic company is Kamen Benkovac which directed its business doing to selling of Benkovac limestone in Croatia, and from 2006 has taken over the sale in foreign market as well.
The company employs on average 30 employees a year, mostly young and perspective people coming from wider region of Zadar and Benkovac. It facilitates warehouses in Benkovac, Zelina and Dugopolje and they plan the opening of new warehouses in Istria and Slavonia.
Apart from Benkovac limestone, during 2005 the construction of Dalmatian “Grič” assembly houses of surface 6 and 12 m2 has been started which have multiple use in tourism but also for personal purposes.

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