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JAMNICA plus Ltd.

JAMNICA plus Ltd.
Getaldićeva 3
10000 Zagreb

The company Jamnica Inc. has a year-long tradition in mineral water bottling. The first bottles of natural carbonated mineral water in Jamnica were filled in 1828 when commercial production of Jamnička kiselica started. Although the Celts one thousand years before Christ were familiar with this unique mineral water, Empress Maria Theresa ordered the first chemical analyses in 1772, after which it was included in the registry of mineral waters of the Viennese court.
Today Jamnica is a stock company and part of the business group Agrokor. By significant investment in the construction and modernisation of the bottling plant, a new company development strategy was created which is in accordance with the world standards in environment protection. By its production capacities and distribution organization, Jamnica is today placed among state-of-the-art bottling plants in Europe and can respond to all demands of the modern market.

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