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TOWN of PAG -APLM “Frane Budak”

TOWN of PAG -APLM “Frane Budak”
Branimirova obala bb
23250 Pag
023/ 612-757

Association of Pag Lace Makers “Frane Budak” from Pag was founded in 1997 to promote the preservation of workmanship of Pag lace, this handicraft of superior quality, as a part of our cultural heritage and the world lacework heritage. The Association has, since its foundation, been guided by the notion that lace, due to its originality and diversity, should be held in place of special importance, and along those lines, it cooperates with other important figures in the field of lace, both at home and abroad, participating in various exhibitions, festivals and similar. It actively participates in the lace school programme in the Town of Pag, encouraging young participants. It organizes and manages the Gallery of Pag Lace, in the desire to ensure a permanent exhibition of the most beautiful pieces of lace for future generations, thus contributing to the tourist offer.

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