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Fragmat H Ltd.

Fragmat H Ltd.
Donja Pačetina 1 A
49223 Sv. Križ Začretje

Varping Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a privately owned business. The year marked the launching of the production of light construction boards which are a traditional Croatian product (first production was launched in Zagreb in 1935). Varping is the only manufacturer of these boards in Croatia, which are also a strategically important product since they are used for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, energy-saving, environmental protection and fire protection.
The first years of production in VARPING satisfied neither with the quality nor with the capacity. The company management invested a lot of efforts to modernize and fully automate the production line, in which it succeeded.
In 1995, the production was already partially modernized and automated.
In 1997, Varping also started to produce Varpor (polystyrene), being the only production in Croatia with the vacuum process.
In 1999, the production of light construction boards was fully modernized, which raised the product quality at a high level. With this new level of quality Varping successfully entered the European Union market.
In 2003, Varping Ltd. underwent restructuring and was fully moved in Sveti Križ Začretje.
In 2004, Varping received a CE mark from the Institute for Thermal Measurements from Munich which, along the IGH mark (Croatian Institute for Construction), is another confirmation of the high quality of its products.
In 2004, another production hall was built for the production of Varpor EPS (Styrofoam).
This production was also supplemented with a new automatic cutting line, addition of new silos, refrigeration plant and machinery for producing plates with a flap.
The high quality of Varping products is guaranteed by the constant supervision of our own laboratories, as well as that by the authorized institutes.
The company employs about 50 workers nowadays. Out of these, 30% are with a college or university degrees, which means that Varping has all the prerequisites for a stable and successful operation and development.
The Company has, from its first days, been oriented towards the continuous improvement of operations and introduction of new products.
Nowadays, Varping Ltd. prepares and develops new machines for new products related to classic Drvolit.
In 2005, the world standard ISO 9001, environmental protection standard ISO 14000 and the Croatian Quality label were introduced.
Inevitable conclusion is that Varping Ltd., with a young professional team headed by the director Nikola Popović, is a successful and prosperous company that is formed in accordance with the highest Croatian and European standards in terms of quality control, ecology and professionalism in business management.

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