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Julija Knifera 2
10000 Zagreb

EL KONCEPT d.o.o. provides services in the field of finance, business inteligence and credit information as well as development of internet (web) applications. People employed in EL KONCEPT are renowned experts with prior successful careers and respectable work portfolio’s with established Croatian busieness entities as well as international clients in a broad spectrum of services based on Business intelligence and Finance. During the first years of of its business, EL KONCEPT mainly engaged in financial advisory services which included company margers and acqusitions, setting up control systems along with consultancy services in strategic business restructuring processes.
In the last ten years we have primarily focused on developing models for credit assessment, credit rating and credit analytics for businesses and the development of financial and other advanced models (Cash flow modeling, early warning systems for potentially suspicious entities, financial exposure recommendations along with specific business indicators using advanced algorithms.) We are right now, closely developing web applications that contain business, financial and credit rating information, using it as an added benefit for our clients as well as a distribution channel for our services.

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