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Darna Ltd.

Darna Ltd.
B. Pesel 10/a
52210 Rovinj

Darna Ltd., a liquor factory from Rovinj, has a long tradition of liqueur production. From the few distilleries and strong alcoholic drinks factories that existed during the Austro-Hungarian and Italian rule in Rovinj, only this one is still active. The founder of the company and its first owner, Giorgio Benussi, started its operations in 1925, although there are assumptions that it had happened much earlier. Since 1948, the production of liqueurs is executed as a part of the General agricultural cooperative (after World War II the factory was nationalized), and then as a part of Jadran-turist. Since 1996, the factory operates under the name of Darna Ltd., but in cooperation with Jadran-turist, and in 1998, the cooperation is terminated and Darna Ltd. begins to operate independently.
Even nowadays, we have preserved the old technology of production of quality and highly valuable natural alcoholic beverages at Darna Ltd. Liquors factory, driven by the abundance of affection and a desire to preserve the traditional artisan method of production. With the utmost pride, we jealously keep a secret of, and above all follow the recipes, the secret of our success.
We use fresh and completely natural ingredients in the preparation of our products. Bitter liqueurs contain natural flavours and natural colours, obtained by caramelization of sugar in special copper kettles. In the manufacture of our products, a special emphasis is placed on product quality, as evidenced by the various awards and accolades, as well as recognition of our products. Also, Darna Ltd. And its products are included into the Green, GMO-free list of Bio Istria.
The thing that binds the modern factory to its origins is that the traditional recipes and experiences from that time, the same ones used when the factory was at its beginnings, are still used and cherished in the preparation of liquors.
We believe this to be the secret to success in the sea of new and often unsupported technologies. Our ancestors have demonstrated that they appreciate healthy food and drinks much better than we do.
Our product range includes:
Herbal liqueurs (Amaro, Pelinkovac)
Emulsion (cream) liqueurs (Ovo Brandy, Chocolate Cocktail)
Flavoured sweet liqueurs (Kruškovac, Menta)
Strong alcoholic drinks (Rum punch, Domestic rum)
Filling bottles of renowned brandy manufacturers

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