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Brana Ltd.

Brana Ltd.
Antuna Mihanovića 29
33000 Virovitica


‘Brana’ was founded in 1953 as a water resources management company and has since undergone multiple organisational restructuring phases, until today’s company ‘Brana d.o.o.’ (i.e. Ltd) was formed. Since its beginnings, the principal line of work of the company have been activities related to water resources management, which have been pursued continually since the establishment of the company itself.

Along with water resources management, the company has been developing many other branches of business activity, such as civil engineering, agriculture and processing of agricultural products, energy production and tourism.


‘Brana d.o.o.’ has evolved into a successful company with credibility with its employees, business partners, subcontractors and producers, and local and financial communities. ‘Brana d.o.o.’ owes its current status and reputation in business circles to arduous work of its employees and its business activities based on the principles of sincerity, honesty, responsibility, business excellence and high moral and legal standards.

In 2013, ‘Brana d.o.o.’ celebrated a significant 60 years’ anniversary, which is a clear sign of a sucessful company policy, business acumen of the management, and the competence of all its employees.


By building a ULO cold-storage plant for fruit and vegetables with the capacity of 2,000 tons and a modern sorting and packaging equipment in 2005, the company ‘Brana d.o.o.’ started developing its agricultural activity, and hence positioned itself as one of the leading managers of fruit and vegetable production in the area of Virovitica-Podravina County.

In the Entrepreneurship Zone II of the Town of Virovitica, ‘Brana d.o.o.’ has built a production facility for processing fruit and vegetables into natural juices, which has rounded off the process of primary fruit and vegetable production with a finished product of high value.

The above-mentioned production facility is fitted out with modern equipment necessary for the production of our Natural Juices range, in which we have developed a superb range of juices made of different kinds of fruit and vegetables such as: Apple Juice, Aronia Juice, Sour Cherry Juice, Aronia & Apple Juice, Blackcurrant & Apple Juice, Carrot & Apple Juice, Elderberry & Apple Juice etc.


With the application of new technological and organisational knowledge in its business activity, ‘Brana d.o.o.’ is trying to ensure satisfaction of its clients and thus become a respectable partner in development and implementation of new ideas and projects. With this aim, we are constantly modernising our motor pool and machinery and continuously investing in new equipment and technologies. We are also active in interest associations, we employ high-quality staff and devote special attention to professional training of our employees and technical and technological development of our sphere of action.


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