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Belje plus Ltd.

Belje plus Ltd.
Industrijska zona 1, Mece
31326 Darda

Belje, dioničko društvo za prehrambenu industriju i poljoprivrednu proizvodnju, with the seat in Darda, has been producing food for more than three decades, and since early 2005, it is in the composition of Agrocor concern, the largest producer of food in this part of Europe.

Soon after joining the concern, development strategy of Belje has been defined and organisational, technological and marketing restructuration began, all of it with the view to become the strongest regional company in agricultural production and to develop high quality products with regional characteristics.

Facilities of the company are located in the area of entire Baranja, and more than 20,000 ha of arable land, numerous farms and industrial plants, as well as 200 employees are the best indicator of the size and strength of Belje.

Rich Baranja granary and water richness are the basis of agricultural production in Belje, and natural raw materials of controlled origin from farms and arable land in Baranja are translated to known products of food industry of Belje.

The factory of diary products of Belje, located in Beli Manastir, known trade marks of diary products are being produced, with a long tradition and extraordinary quality of which we single out the line ABC fresh cream cheese.

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