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Angla Ltd.

Angla Ltd.
Jakova Gotovca 11
10000 Zagreb

1. ANGLA – A school with a difference

The Center for Foreign Languages and Translation Angla, founded in 1996 successfully provides high quality language courses for all ages and levels at several locations. The last few years Angla has been focused on cooperating with organizations that need general, business and/or specialized language courses. From its beginnings to today Angla has had a noticeable growth of students which is the result of a devoted focus on the mission to „offer students top quality instruction as well as satisfaction and enjoyment while learning“. Angla is a member of the Croatian Association for Foreign Languages at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and actively follows trends in education as well as the needs of business organizations. Angla is also a partner and a recognized center for ESOL test preparation courses which are held in cooperation with Cambridge University.


Angla has incorporated an internal development and control system which enables the monitoring of the progress of teachers, students, the teaching process as well as the control of the quality of instruction in every group. Throughout the length of each course expert-pedagogical assessment is done which means that during particular lessons a mentor or course leader monitors the teachers work. During the course and following the completion of a language level we ask our students for feedback on their satisfaction with the quality of the course. Their comments and grades are the best confirmation of top quality. Aside from this, Angla has been subject to accreditation by highly qualified external experts for the assessment of standards of quality such as:

1. ‘Hrvatska kvaliteta – Croatian quality’
In July 2015, Angla was awarded the right to use the sign “Croatian Quality”. This right was given as a confirmation of quality followed by the precise and expert assessment of all aspects of foreign language instruction in line with the highest European standards. We excelled in satisfying various demanding criteria which primarily involve the teaching process but also learning objectives, student satisfaction and administrative and technical conditions. Angla was one of the first five schools (and the only one in Zagreb) which, as a member of the the Croatian Association for Foreign Languages at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, proudly carries the sign “Croatian Quality”.

2. Adult education organization
Angla has successfully been registered as an Adult education organization following the extensive and demanding process of verification of our foreign language programs which have been approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. In this way Angla has received the right to issue public documents and therefore the completion of a language level is entered into the record of employment

In line with modern global achievements in the area of linguistics and learning of foreign languages we included our own teaching methods and strategies and have become recognizable due to a modern, unconventional teaching approach which is completely adapted to the student, their needs and level of education. In that sense our „active teaching method“ has become our signature due to which Angla is a school with a difference. We systematically follow and integrate the newest European and global trends in foreign language instruction. Using the active teaching method students achieve results quickly and efficiently which they can apply to life and work situations.

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