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Zvijezda delicates mayonnaise

Zvijezda delicates mayonnaise

Zvijezda mayonnaise- History of one of the most successful Croatian brands dates back to 1959, because the production of mayonnaise in the former oil factory, today’s Zvijezda, started then. In the beginning of its production, the ingredients were often changed in order to adapt the quality to market demands. Therefore, domestic production reached its greatest success in the early 1980s, when Zvijezda released a new line for continuous production of mayonnaise. Up to this day Zvijezda is the only producer of mayonnaise, margarine and vegetable fats in Croatia. Their large product assortment enables consumers to choose the product that best meets their dietary needs and habits. Innovations in recipes, developing new products, following global trends and consumers’ needs are the basic guidelines for diverse assortment of Zvijezda mayonnaise.

ZVIJEZDA plus Ltd.

Founded in 1916 in Zagreb, the first Croatian oil factory develops complete production from oil seeds to final products, raises new facilities and expands and reconstructs the old ones; in short, it modernizes its production. Since 1993, the company has been a member of Agrokor system and its name is Zvijezda Inc. It is the largest producer of cooking oils and the only manufacturer of margarine, vegetable fat and mayonnaise in Croatia. Zvijezda’s production assortment consists of two brands: Zvijezda (cooking oils, margarine, mayonnaise, salads, sauces, vegetable fat, vinegar and ketchup, plus margarine, vegetable fats and additives intended for bakery...

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