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Knitwear programme for women, Enigma clothing line

Knitwear programme for women, Enigma clothing line

Women’s knitted line – underwear and sleeping line with cotton as a base material. The garments are intended for middle-aged and elderly consumers as for the future mothers.


ENIGMA STARS is a knitwear company that was founded in 2014. and its core activity is production and sale of textile products renowned Croatian brands MTČ and ENIGMA and it is a continuation of more than 50-year-old MTČ tradition. ENIGMA STARS pays special attention to the quality and comfort of its products and cooperates only with proven suppliers, resulting in a product that meet high quality and environmental standards. ENIGMA STARS offers classic and fashion lingerie, sleepwear and other knitwear for the whole family and is continuously working to improve the quality of its products and design innovations to meet...

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