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Ventilation framework

Ventilation framework

Ventilation channels are fundamental in indoor spaces without windows – predominately in sanitary rooms, kitchen, boiler rooms etc. Schiedel Ltd is offering a suitable product – ventilation framework of extreme functionality and quality. The Schiedel ventilation systems are a top product offering three types of ventilation: by thermal lift, with single ventilation channels (DIN 18017) and with filtering ventilation channels. All Schiedel ventilation channels are made of a light concrete construction elements coming in variant sizes and types, that are adaptable to modeling into specific channels according to type and usage.

Types: L-01, L-02, LS-01, LS-11, LS-02, LS-12


SCHIEDEL chimney production Ltd. headquarters are situated in Golubovac, where the management and the production is located, with distributive offices in Split, Osijek, Rijeka and Zagreb. The company produces chimney systems, chimney-reparatory systems and ventilation framework for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. The product meets the latest advances in heating technology and materials. The company is a part of Lafarge Group, one of the largest European and global cement, concrete, rooftile and chimney manufacturers. The production averages around 1,480.000 m2 for new construction and around 850.000 m2 for for maintainance and reparatory work. Chimney systems divide into SIH, UNI plus, QUADRO,...

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