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81% of buyers are ready to pay more for one of the products with the mark of Croatian quality.



Podravka’s most valuable and most famous brand, Vegeta holds the domineering market position among the essential cooking seasoning products. Vegeta is an unique, enriching combination of vegetables and spices used in food preparation of salty dishes. The seasoning does not negate the flavor of the dish, but attributes each of its components and enhances the wholesome taste. Vegeta provides unlimited culinary innovations, thus becoming an essential cooking ingredient of any cuisine, under the motto: „Food tastes better with Vegeta!“

From a small local product, Vegeta has risen into a successful international brand sold on all five continents in 40 world countries. It has become a synonim for any type of food condiments on Podravka’s strategic markets since its invention in 1959, when it has generated a new food seasoning product category heralded by Vegeta products.

The Vegeta product line offers a vast diversity of products, in order to answer its consumers every need. The Vegeta product line offers „Vegeta Medditeranean“, a food seasoning enriched with 7 Medditeranean herbs for Medditeranean-styled dishes, together with „Vegeta Piquant“, a spicy-flavoured seasoning. The „Vegeta Twist“ are an array of products designed for individual salty dishes, having a particular combination of spices that enhance the food components of each dish.

The consumers have recognised these high-quality products and thrust them.Vegeta has hence become a part of their culinary tradition, not to say a part of their daily lives when preparing an exquisite family meal.


Podravka is the current largest food company located in the Central, East and South East Europe. The most recognizable Podravka brands Vegeta and Podravka are sold on all the world's continents. Podravka has company branches in 17 countries and a distribution network expanding from the Adriatic to the North Sea. Podravka aims to be the leading company of the South East, Central and East Europe in the areas of innovation, science, connectivity and growth. The company's annual growth is projected to 10%, accounted from the rise in sale, strategic partnerships and aquisitions of regional food companies of market interest.

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