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Services of physical archiving and digitalization of documents

Services of physical archiving and digitalization of documents

Since we are aware how important is to be quick and efficiently, we have combined three types of services:
• Physical archiving,
• Confidential destruction and
• Digitalization of data
into one integrated system, offering everything necessary for advance document management, thereby saving space, time and your money. In this way, our services are covering the whole document lifecycle: from the moment document is created, till the document destroy moment. REISWOLF services are in line with all legal requirements, respecting aspects of economic efficiency, environmental protection and above all the aspect of security.
REISSWOLF safety standards include regular staff training, ongoing monitoring processes, as well as internal and external audit. As a result, your records will be absolutely secure if you decide for REISSWOLF services.

Reisswolf Ltd.

REISSWOLF Group was founded 1985. in Hamburg, Germany and today is a European leader in document management. The company operates in 50 countries at more than 100 sites. The activity we are carrying involves strict confidentiality and consistency in the handling of documentation and data carriers entrusted to us for safe storage or for confidential destruction. REISSWOLF d.o.o. operates in Republic of Croatia as part of REISSWOLF Group, started at 2013. REISSWOLF franchise system is based on request, that all partners must work under the same safety and quality standards, that is why our franchisees became the market leader in...