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Traminac, produced in Iločki podrumi, is a leading wine among Traminci in the world.  It is traditionally grown in the area of Ilok, because it is ideally positioned for cultivating that grape. Such produced wine is of golden-yellow colour and intense grape variety scent. That noble wine has a full harmonic and sweety taste which is dominated by honey aroma, and it is of such intensity and lasting that it covers a high percentage of alcohol.

It was awarded the most prestigious prizes in the world – in London, Paris, Madrid, Bruxelles, Düsseldorf, Israel, Verona, San Francisco and Canada. Its quality was also recognized at the English Court and therefore it was, for its excellence, included in its archives and served at the crowning ceremony and diamond anniversary of the Queen Elisabeth II.

Iločki podrumi Inc.

Iločki podrumi Inc. is a company with year-long tradition in wine production. Owing to unique pedoclimatic conditions, tradition in production which lasts from Roman times, and competent enologists, Iločki podrumi make excellent wines which are recognized by consumers as well as the trade. The part of old wine cellars built in the 15th and 18th centuries and their production have a total capacity of 8.000.000 liters. Owing to the best locations in this part of Europe and tradition in production, Iločki podrumi have throughout history been renowned for their wine quality. Apart from awards received in every prestigious international competition...