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Teratekt product line includes cement adhesives for interior and exterior ceramics. The dry powdery adhesive started production in 1970 and was branded in 1975. Made of high quality raw material, in scrupulous production conditions with the lastest technology, several variants of the product are being offered.

– Teratekt is suitable for all works.

– Teratekt G is suitable for interior work.

– Teratekt F is suitable for restoration work, for gluing tiles on other tiles and on floor heated panels.

– Teratekt B comes in white colour and is suitable for gluing white ceramics, marble panels and mosaics in buildings.

Responding to the market product demand and keeping up with the latest advances in the cement adhesives for ceramics production, Samoborka expands its product line with the production of Teratektfleks in 2010 and Teratektrapid in 2011. Teratektfleks is improved, flexible slip resistant adhesive for indoor and outdoor bonding of floor and wall tiles, bonding ceramic tiles over floor heating systems, in industrial areas, on terraces and balconies, in areas exposed to water and temperature changes. It is suitable for repairs. Teratektrapid is improved, flexible slip resistant adhesive for indoor and outdoor bonding of floor and wall tiles in areas where fast progression is needed. Domestic raw materials from a traditional formula are used for production in Samoborka. Teratect adhesives are according to HRN EN 12004 regulation and C1 AND C2 class. Samoborka is capable of the increased market supply of the product that continuously rises in sales. The Teratect products on average are applied on more than 600 000 000 m2 annually.

Samoborka Ltd.

The company Samoborka Inc. was founded in 1906 under the name Samobor industry for stone and concrete products. First products were concrete tubes, rooftiles and concrete blocks. It was renamed in 1947 as Samoborka building materials industry. Through more than 100 years of existence the company has developed into a domestic market leader in the production of plasters, facades, mortars, adhesives, concrete products as well as products for waterproofing and repair. The company operates under a “from top to bottom” policy of high quality production and ecologically friendly products. The current company is predominately in domestic private ownership, investing over...

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