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Did you know that buyers are 63% more likely to purchase products with one of the marks of Croatian quality?



Terapol and Terapolfresh are eco friendly internal dispersion paints. They have been on the market since 1964 under the name Terakolor. Terapol and Terapolfresh are made of domestic quality raw materials, dilutable with water, of non-intrusive smell, fine texture and easy to use. Terapol products increased in sale due to improving, preforming regular quality control, marketing on the domestic market and customer-oriented approach. Terapol is available in more than 2000 colour shades. Terapolfresh, among other advantages, is scented with fragrant lemon, apple and lavander note for indoor longterm air freshening. By comparing this product with other same category products on the domestic market it has been proven that Terapol has outstanding applicable and dry film qualities according to EN 13300. The production of the Terapol products is safe for the environment, which Samoborka strongly endorses in response to the extreme import of unsafe products.

Samoborka Ltd.

The company Samoborka Inc. was founded in 1906 under the name Samobor industry for stone and concrete products. First products were concrete tubes, rooftiles and concrete blocks. It was renamed in 1947 as Samoborka building materials industry. Through more than 100 years of existence the company has developed into a domestic market leader in the production of plasters, facades, mortars, adhesives, concrete products as well as products for waterproofing and repair. The company operates under a “from top to bottom” policy of high quality production and ecologically friendly products. The current company is predominately in domestic private ownership, investing over...

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