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Staročeško light beer

Staročeško light beer

Naturally soft spring water from the slopes of Papuk, the traditional recipe and technology of the beer production of Czech immigrants of Daruvar region, make this beer authentic representative of the Pilsen type of beer in Croatia. Taste of “Staročeško” beer is marked by floral aroma of hops and subsequent bitter acrid taste that lingers on the palate after drinking. Name of beer “Staročesko” first began to be used in 1893, at the time of ownership of Polak, Crner and Dobranović and for “Winter Staročesko beer”  was being pouring from wooden barrel. Basic characteristics of Staročeško beer are contents of extract in the basic wort 12% volume fraction of alcohol 4.8%, golden yellow colour and pronounced bitterness (25 units of bitterness). Production of Staročeško beer is performed on traditional Czech technology with the use of the modern plant, and it is consisting of four technological stages: preparation of the wort, the main fermentation, the subsequent fermentation and aging, and finishing and pouring of beer. To produce Staročeško beer Brewery Daruvar uses raw materials, which are natural and produced in Croatia: bright barley malt, corn grits, water, hops and yeast. Brewery traditionally pours “Staročesko” beer in brown bottles, which filter light and retain produced smell and taste. The new label and logo describe originality of integrating recipe of Staročesko and new flavour.

Daruvar Brewery Ltd.

Daruvar Brewery was founded in 1840. The only brewery outside of the Czech Republic, which produces beer according to traditional Czech technology, which makes it unique in the region. Its production Brewery Daruvar is based on the traditional way of brewing, on the soft natural spring water from the slopes of Nature Park Papuk and Croatian quality raw materials without additives or preservatives. The brewery is located in the centre of Daruvar in the middle of continental Croatia, surrounded by slopes of Papuk. In June 2010 Brewery Daruvar becomes part of the Kufner Group Ltd. ( Mission of the Brewery...