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Special types of bread: Razek, Zrnek

Special types of bread: Razek, Zrnek


Razek is the bread of rye and wheat flour, and is produced in grammage of 850 and 600 g. On the market is put in packaged and non packaged variants. The special taste of bread is given by the dough from own production. Fermentation or acidification of dough that is used in mixing is done in a natural way by the microflora naturally present in raw materials. The result of fermentation of dough is milk and acetic acid that give a specific flavour to the finished bread and influence on the formation of the middle. The taste of bread is sour, but the centre is dense, properly finely porous and moist. Just acid naturally produced during the fermentation technology of the dough and the protective film in which bread is packed allow durability for 5 days.


Zrnek is mixed rye bread more granular that is characterized by edibility and good properties in terms of durability, consistency, smell and taste. Bakers from Latica kneaded the real wealth of grains: wheat and rye flour, sesame seeds, sunflower and flax, broken soya beans, semolina, rye grain, cereal and potato flakes. Rye bread more granular has a regular shape because it is baked in a mold. The bark is dark brown, cracked and richly sprinkled with flour, the middle is brown, thick, dense and moist, and in the cross section are clearly visible seeds. Bread is easily digestible because of the richness of ballast substances.

Bakery Latica Ltd.

Bakery Latica is located in Jalkovečka bb since 1969. From then until now several times owners and names have been changed. The latest name gets by joining the business system Vindija in 1995. The quality of its products is achieved by selecting the high-quality raw materials, careful work, knowledge and continuous investment. In Latica is produced 10 tons of products per day, or 3.300 tons of bakery products a year. The assortment comprises 80 daily fresh products, several multi-day products, the two permanent product (crumbs and mlinci) and frozen products for baking at the point of sale. The capacity of...