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Preventive-corrective medical walking path SAND-y NATURAL WALKER ®

Introduction: We did not have an adequate universal medical aid meant for preventive-corrective leg and feet treatment until now. Now we have an artificial product as a supplement for gravel sea beach, which has healing and beneficial proprioceptive and bio-mechanical effects on legs and feet.

Aim: to develop and produce available, simple and efficient preventive-corrective orthopedic medical aid.

Result: Through innovative work we made SAND-y NATURAL WALKER ® copyrighted for intellectual property in Croatia (M980187). It is made of two-layered polyurethan and imitates sea beach surface. It has three 50×50 cm mats joined in one 150×50 cm mat suitable for usage in home, kindergarten, school, gym, medical institutions, spa, work place and other places for leg and foot treatment.


  • PREVENTION of feet and legs health issues in children and adults:
  1. to stimulate natural growth and development of a child’s feet into adolescence
  2. to strengthen weak muscles of the feet and legs
  3. to stretch soft feet structures (tendons, muscles, joints)
  4. to improve circulation in feet and legs especially in risk groups (diabetics)
  5. to stimulate skin proprioceptors of the feet and to improve body posture and balance.
  6. to masage and stimulate receptor zones on foot soils, improving and harmonising their efficiency


  • CORRECTION of feet and legs deformations in children and adults:
  1. as a supplement for gravel sea beach, which has healing effects on legs and feet.
  2. as a form of barefeet walking exercise on the SAND-y NATURAL WALKER mat.


The SANDI – INVENT Ltd. company (ID 1834398; Tax ID 89285448602) was founded in January 2002 firstly as a trade and expanded in 2006 as Ltd. for commerce and services. It is registered for testing and experimental developing in natural, technical and technological sciences, for representing domestic and foreign companies and for body care services. The current founder, owner and manager is Aleksandar Stošić The company focuses on innovative products and on body care services by manual medicine. We have so far copyrighted for intellectual property three designs and a logo. We manufacture and market our innovative product...