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With its traditional values in a new light, in defiance to the accelerated pace of modern life, hotel Park continue to selflessly offer an unforgettable atmosphere and emotions. The combination of premium materials, colors and art decor style create a refined sense of luxury and relaxing effect.

Potestas Ltd.

Hotel Park’s reconstruction is worth almost 10 million euro, of which 3,5 million euro are co-financed from European funds. Not only was the original building is completely reconstructed and renewed, a completely new annex to the front and an additional floor were built. This expanded the capacity of hotel rooms from 57 to 72, including 7 apartments, of which one has an outdoor Jacuzzi. The hotel offers specially designed business rooms which have a fully equipped and functional office - separated from bedroom, perfect for guests traveling for business. Spacious and luxury rooms for our guests looking for a special...