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Corn hybrid seed

Corn hybrid seed

The most important product of Bc Institute is hybrid corn seed. The first hybrid was recognised in 1961 under the title of Bc 590. Since then, Bc Institutue was recognised 241 hybrids in the country and 55 abroad. The production, upgrading, processing and packaging of Bc corn hybrid is in conformity with European standards.

Bc corn hybrids which are produced and being sold are:

Bc 182, Bc 191, Bc 282, Bc 278, Bc 288 B, Bc 304, Bc 318, Bc 354, Bc 394, Bc 408 B, Bc 462, Bc 462, Bc 462 B, Bc 418 B, PAJDAŠ, Bc 4982, Bc 492, JUMBO 48, Bc 566, Bc 572, Bc 5982, Bc 678, Bc 6661, Bc 666, Bc 723, Bc 778.

Bc Institut za oplemenjivanje i proizvodnju bilja Inc.

Bc Institut za oplemenjivanje i proizvodnju bilja Zagreb has been active for 110 year and is today one of the most significant Croatian companies in the field of scientific research on refinement and seed production of agricultural crops. Bc corn hybrids are most representative in the Croatian market and are increasingly sold abroad (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Kosovo, Kazakhstan…). Wheet sort of Bc Institute (80 types recognised in Croatia and abroad) meets the demand of large part of the Croatian market, and represents top achievement in refinement of wheat (fertility,...