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Salami of Sisak

Salami of Sisak

Salami of Sisak is a traditional product that marks the geographical area of Posavina from Sunja to Turopolje and spreads throughout Banovina and Moslavina. It is a crown of many years of experience of old butchers of Sisak who transmitted their work and knowledge of meat processing from generation to generation.

The salami is characterized by simplicity of processing, the original and traditional recipe, high-quality domestic meat raw material, classic spices, special way of drying and smoking in the manufacturer’s way and at the end by maturation with mild winds characteristic for the area of Sisak and Moslovina. Modern hygienic and technological conditions of production provide excellent gastronomic quality of the original domestic product.

Salami of Sisak is the result of masterful craft Promes-Cvanciger from Sisak, a twenty-year of tradition, developed and nurtured with special care and love that is felt by anyone who has the opportunity to taste.


After years of working in the meat industry "Gavrilovic", 1989 Slavko Cvanciger established craft Promes-Cvanciger. In the craft in 1990 started working also the son Adolf, and then the rest of the family and the craft assumes features of the family firm. In 1995 they bought a city slaughterhouse in Sisak, which in 1998 was reconstructed and obtained all necessary permits for the work. By increasing the production capacity business was developed and expanded and also a retail network in the area of Sisak – Moslavina County. Promes-Cvanciger with fresh meat and meat products supplies schools, kindergartens, restaurants, hotels and...