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Shake – air freshener for cars and other indoor spaces

Shake – air freshener for cars and other indoor spaces

The Shake product is an air freshener for cars and other indoor spaces made of essential oils, as a response to the market demand for products without alcohol and alergen components. It is suited for people sensitive to industrial perfumes. In 2009, it was patented under the number P20030932A and certified by the Croatian National Institution for Intellectual Property. The perfume bottle is specially designed for its innovating usage. The perfume is thus dispersed by lightly sviveling of the bottle. The products come in a wide variety of perfumes. The scent is light, soft and enduring, the perfume line includes white musk, vanilla, green tea, sea breeze, green apple, lavander, orange, exotic, lime, peppermint and cinnamon, spring breeze, magic and vanilla-black currant.

Shake has received numerous awards on many domestic and international innovation expos, including the UNESCO’s Grand Prix for Environmental Preservation, Geneva gold medal, Nürnberg silver, Zagreb Arca gold, 2004 Brusselles Eureka bronze, 2006 Bucharest Inventika bronze, 2008 Warsaw IWIS gold, Kuala Lumpur ITEX bronze, and 2008 Sozhou China silver.

Prestige Ltd.

The Prestige company from Pula was founded in 1990. It deals with the retail and wholesale of perfumery and drugstore products and the supply of processed materials and machinery for cosmetics production. Since 2000, they are operating with essential oils products. Striving to produce alcohol-free car air freshener suitable for people sensitive to industrial scents and perfumes, a “Shake” product has hit the market of car air fresheners. After extensive product-testing and re-disigning in 2003 the brand Shake was patented as a car and other indoor perfume product. Shake has soon found demand domestically and globally. The company exibits on...