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Sirela’s Ribanac

Sirela’s Ribanac is a superb, extra-hard cheese made from cow milk. Its main feature is long ripening – one to two years. Only then it becomes grainy, hard and brittle. Although hard, it melts in one’s mouth while its aroma is full, sweet, with a pronounced fruity tinge. It takes 15 litres of top quality fresh milk to produce one kilogram of Ribanac. This cheese is the ultimate gourmet experience, whether with a glass of quality red wine or as part of a cheese platters with dried figs, raisins or nuts!

Ribanac snack cheese is already diced and ready to serve. Convenient packaging keeps it fresh even after opening. It is the ideal choice when you wish to impress your guests with a superb delicacy or you feel like having a snack of tasty cheese for better sleep! Freshly grated Ribanac is nutritionally of high-quality and makes a tasty addition to many dishes – from soups and noodles to meat and sauces. The distinctive aroma of freshly grated Ribanac is the final note of every meal.

Ribanac is available in 250 g and 15 kg packagings, Ribanac snack in 180 g packaging, while freshly grated Ribanac is available in 40 g, 100 g and 1 kg packagings.

Ribanac proudly bears the “Croatian Quality” label.

Dukat Inc.

With 14 production facilities in Croatia (Dukat dairy plants, Sirela and KIM dairy plant Karlovac), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Inmer dairy plant), Serbia (Somboled dairy plant), Macedonia (Ideal dairy plant) and Romania (LaDorna dairy with eight production plants), Dukat dairy industry has masterfully positioned itself as the leading Croatian and regional dairy company, making Dukat the leading domestic and regional brand of dairy products. The backbone of the Dukat business philosophy are fresh, natural, healthy and nutritionally rich dairy products without preservatives, produced from domestic milk of the best quality. In all the markets where it is present with its own...

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