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Farina wheat flour

Farina wheat flour

Farina wheat flour is an unavoidable part of the assortment of all chain stores and one of the most important products in households of many Croatian housekeepers. It is produced from highest quality Croatian wheat varieties in the new factory, equipped with the modern mill technology for the production of top quality products and production of various types of wheat flour.

Wheat white flours T-400 and T-550 are produced in packs of 1, 2, and 5 kg and are an integral part of many recipes for homemade bread, cakes, pancakes and pasta. The mill also produces a variety of flour for leavened cakes, pastries and pizza in 1 kg packaging.

In its mill, the company produces and markets under the brand name Farina, in 1 kg packages, a wide range of various dark wheat flours, which are one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet. This is especially true of integral wholegrain wheat flour and black T-1100 and T-1600. We can also classify the semi-white wheat flour T-850 in this group. More and more Croatian housekeepers use these products to make delicious black and integral homemade bread, homemade dark and wholemeal pasta, dumplings and other delicacies made from flour. Wheat semolina used to prepare delicious and healthy meals for children and adults is also produced in 1 kg packaging.

Granolio Ltd.

Granolio Ltd. was founded in December 1996 with its headquarters in Zagreb. The company business was initially based on wheat trade, mill products, meat and livestock, animal feed components and edible and vegetable oils. From 1997 to 2001 the company recorded a constant growth of turnover, employment and profits. In April 2001, with the purchase of a mill and a silo in the Gornji Draganac (near Čazma), Granolio Ltd. entered a new stage of development, reorienting from predominantly trading activities to production. It significantly increased the production capacity of the Farina mill, and has become a significant market factor through...