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Upholstered sofa sets made of solid wood

Upholstered sofa sets made of solid wood

Upholstered sofa sets Nicolle, Matea, Skalinada, Grizzly, Monaco, Dorado and Lena as well as upholstered corner sofa sets Marengo corner, Angelina corner and Nensi corner stand out in the quality of their design which is always stylish.

Sofa sets are made of solid Slavonian oak, specially treated with the finest machinery, while the anatomically shaped seat and back cushions are upholstered in top quality leather or fabric. Spin Valis upholstered sofa sets will enrich every space with its quality, design and comfort.

Spin Valis Inc.

Spin Valis Inc. is a factory of furniture, sawn timber and elements from Požega, continuously in business since 1950, which proves its long and rich tradition, but also a high quality of products.  The factory is situated in the heart of Slavonia, a county with many trees, with especially important Slavonian oak (Quercus) and beech (Fagus). The mentioned trees have extremely high use-values on the market as well as ecological and aesthetic values. The most representative products of Spin Valis are solid oak and beech sofa sets upholstered in leather or fabric, massive club and corner tables, cabinets and dining...