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Pošip – a premium wine

Pošip – a premium wine

Pošip premium white wine is made from the indigenuos grape sort with the same name in the Čara wineyards on the island of Korčula. The quality and the distinctiveness from other sorts in the Dalmatian region is dictated by the island’s microclimate. The Pošip wine registered in 1967, is one of the first protected heritage Croatian wines. Pošip premium wine is one of the finest Dalmatian white wines, receiving numerous awards and recognitions in domestic and international circles. The wine colour is pale yellowish with a hint of green. It exudes a rich bouquet with a fresh fruity note of Pošip grape. The harmony of tastes give a full, smooth and robust feeling, with a distinctive note of island’s peculiarity. Pošip premium wine is marketed in Bosnia and Herzegowina, Montenegro, Serbia, Belgium, Austria and Germany.

Agricultural cooperative Pošip

The agricultural cooperative Pošip has been active since 1984, when a winery in the Čara area with 130 wagon capacity was built. The cooperative includes 135 cooperators on a grape repurchasing contract. The cooperative has headquarters in Čara with 11 employees and a representative office in Zagreb with 9 employees. Wine is cultivated on 105 ha of land in the Čara area. The 85% is covered with the indigenuos wine sort Pošip. The proximity of the sea and a large number of sunny days coupled with traditional wine manufactoring techniques trademark this geographically distinctive wine. The winery manages grape processing,...